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Pastor Search Update

As we get closer to meeting the pastoral candidate, we want to ensure that you're aware of the line-up for this weekend! 
Here is the plan for February 9th and 10th:
Saturday the 9th
4:00pm - Q&A with the pastoral candidate and his wife in the sanctuary
Sunday the 10th
9:00am & 11:00am Services - the candidate will preach two separate sermons
5:00pm - Q&A with search committee and church members will vote on the pastoral candidate *Child care provided


 The Pastor Search Team is pleased to share these two sermon links. We added notes from the candidate to give context for the sermons which were presented in churches as a guest speaker. May you be blessed by them. 

Sermon 1 - First Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama 

Note from the candidate:

“The first is from First Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. It was at a Sunday night service and I was preaching on ministry to refugees and the sojourner. I used stories from church history to make developing a heart for refugee ministry relevant to that church.”

 Sermon 2 - Strong Tower Church, Montgomery, Alabama

Note from the candidate:

“This is a multiethnic congregation in a neighborhood plagued by violence, broken homes, and poverty. But, the church is made up of people from the neighborhood as well as people from all over the city, including quite a few military families from the local Air Force base who gather together there to make a difference. They meet in a gym connected to a community center and are working on moving in to their own building soon. While they aren’t a huge church, I’d consider them a leading church in our city with strong biblical teaching and dedication to discipleship. After praying about the right text for them, I preached on 1 Peter 4:7-11.

Sermon 1.mp3

Sermon 2.mp3 

o   Please note that the Search Team does not yet have approval to release the name of the candidate. To respect his request for confidentiality, please refrain from internet searches and sharing of information. Full details will be available on February 9 and 10.